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monitors/bluez: add 'internal' prefix to internal bluez node names.

This MR adds 'internal' prefix to internal bluez node names, and also names the loopback source node to be the same as the bluez source without 'internal' prefix. This keeps consistency with input/output node names when switching bluetooth profiles.

For example, if we have a 5C_FB_7C_30_9C_AE BT device, the names would be:

  • A2DP profile:

    • A2DP sink node: bluez_output.5C_FB_7C_30_9C_AE
  • HFP profile:

    • HFP sink node: bluez_output.5C_FB_7C_30_9C_AE
    • HFP source node (hidden): bluez_input_internal.5C_FB_7C_30_9C_AE
    • HFP loopback source node: bluez_input.5C_FB_7C_30_9C_AE
    • HFP loopback stream node (hidden): bluez_capture_internal.5C_FB_7C_30_9C_AE
Edited by Julian Bouzas

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