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[next] handle 'target.dont-fallback', 'target.dont-move' and 'target.linger' stream properties

Julian Bouzas requested to merge julian/wireplumber:dont-fallback into next

This MR improves the linking policy to handle 'target.dont-fallback', 'target.dont-move' and 'target.linger' stream properties. These properties are used to change the linking behavior of stream nodes in the following way:

  • target.dont-fallback: when set to true, the node won't be allowed to "fallback" to another available target other than the one specified in the target.object property or metadata
  • target.dont-move: when set to true, wireplumber will ignore the target.object metadata, so that it isn't possible to dynamically move the node to another target using metadata
  • target.linger: when set to "true", the node will remain alive without any error produced if it cannot be linked to its specified target; in all other cases, an error will be produced and the node will be destroyed

See #524 (closed)

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