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Draft: main: Use a GResource to load a default configuration

Julian Bouzas requested to merge julian/wireplumber:config-resource into next-rebased

This MR is a request for comments (RFC) for the next wireplumber 0.5 configuration refactoring.

The changes here will make the wireplumber configuration 100% optional by always loading the default configuration stored as a GResource in the executable. This means that any of the changes in the configuration files (wireplumber.conf and wireplumber.conf.d/*) will always override the default configuration, and will always be installed under /etc (there won't be any configuration files under /usr/share). The configuration files are fully commented by default, and users can just uncomment/change settings when they want to change wireplumber's default behavior.

The point of this MR is to avoid wireplumber not working when the configuration changes with an update (eg when a new module is added).

You need the following pipewire branch to test this MR:

cc @gkiagia @pvir @wtaymans

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