wpctl: allow modifying volume levels using percentage/step amount.

Hey! As discussed earlier on (!376 (closed)) , I've added the functionality to modify volume levels using specified percentage or step amount. The functionality is working fine as far as I've tested.

Example of a command:

  • for changing by percent: wpctl set-volume @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ 0.5%-
  • for changing by a step amount: wpctl set-volume @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ 0.5+
  • for changing using absolute amount (same as before): wpctl set-volume @DEFAULT_AUDIO_SINK@ 0.5


  1. I had to compromise and place the [-/+] characters at the end of the argument because it was creating a conflict when the argument was specified like -0.5%%. In this case it was not being recognised as a valid command. [SOLVED]
  2. I also had to use 2 '%' characters as in a C string we have to use % to escape itself. Hence the double '%' in the command.

Please provide opinions.

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