tests: Add tests for WpSettings object

Ashok Sidipotu requested to merge test-settings-in-json into config-refactoring
  • settings.c tests conf file loading & parsing, metadata updates, wpsetttings object creation and its API.
  • settings.lua tests the API from lua scripts.
  • Add a sample settings.conf file, this file contains sections copied over from client.conf along with the settings section. Add a file each for wp side and lua side of scripts.
  • Make changes in base test infrastructure to take a custom conf file.
  • Enhance the wp_settings_get_instance_api() to be take metadata_name parameter. So, Wpsetttings is now a singleton instance for a given metadata file.
  • Enhance the m-settings module also to be take metadata_name parameter. this is handy for lua side of tests as its cumbersome to do this is lua.

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