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Add Bluetooth LE Audio support

Frédéric Danis requested to merge fdanis/pipewire:leaudio into master

These commits add support of LE Audio connected streams to the bluez5 plugin, using BlueZ Initial BAP support experimental series of patches.

The BlueZ Media1 interface will not only be used for A2DP but also for LE Audio, as code related can be shared I renamed the codec API from *a2dp* to *media*.

Then I added the LC3 codec support using the library from Google:

This request changes from wireplumber!415 (merged)

This allows to:

  • on Central/Initiator board, connect, create sink and source nodes, send audio using paplay or record audio using parec,
  • on Peripheral/Receptor board, it automatically creates the audio streams to play sound to the default output and record sound from the default input.
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