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    msdkenc: use bufferpool · 580a52ec
    Hyunjun Ko authored and Sreerenj Balachandran's avatar Sreerenj Balachandran committed
    1\ Proposes msdk bufferpool to upstream.
      - If upstream has accepted the proposed msdk bufferpool,
        encoder can get msdk surface from the buffer directly.
      - If not, encoder get msdk surface its own msdk bufferpool
        and copy from upstream's frame to the surface.
    2\ Replace arrays of surfaces with msdk bufferpool.
    3\ In case of using VPP, there should be another msdk bufferpool
       with NV12 info so that it could convert first and encode.
    Calls gst_msdk_set_frame_allocator and uses video memory only on linux.
    and uses system memory on Windows until d3d allocator is implemented.