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    autoconf: Initial support for an autoconf configuration · dca1b796
    Dan Nicholson authored
    This adds the initial support for using autoconf configuration. Support
    is available for shared Xlib driver builds. Later this will be extended
    to dri and osmesa-only builds and possibly targetting non-X backends.
    Support for static library builds will also be added.
    The configure script fills in the autoconf config. This is then used by
    running `make autoconf' after ./configure.
    Testing has been done on Linux/GNU. The configure script tries to
    faithfully reproduce the current configs/linux* and configs/freebsd*.
    Other platforms can be handled later by adding similar statements and
    feature tests.
    Pkg-config is used to search for packages when possible. This makes the
    build much more flexible and robust to the user's configuration. This
    requires that the pkg-config autoconf macros pkg.m4 are included in
    aclocal.m4. This requires autoconf and aclocal from autoconf and
    automake, respectively.
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