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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 22.08.8
    Sebastien Bacher (2):
          Handle missing admin groups when changing account types
          Set PrivateTmp to false in the systemd service
    zhuyaliang (1):
          Add function to set user password expiration policy
  • 22.07.5
  • 22.07.4
  • 22.04.62
    Anders Jonsson (1):
          Update Swedish translation
    Andika Triwidada (1):
          Updated Indonesian translation
    Björn Esser (1):
          act-user: Use stronger hashing methods in make_crypted() if available.
    Christian K (1):
          Update German translation
    Dušan Kazik (1):
          po: update slovak translation
    Gunnar Hjalmarsson (2):
          Drop .service file from
          po: delete obsolete po/accounts-service.pot
    Iain Lane (1):
          act-user-manager: Watch for the daemon going away and coming back
    Luca Boccassi (1):
          Fix build with meson 0.60
    Marco Trevisan (Treviño) (6):
          user-manager: Update users tables on username changes
          user: Translate property x-session property name to match the proxy one
          tests: Add unit tests for libaccountservice using dbusmock and gir bindings
          ci: Cleanup the build stage so that we can define dependencies just once
          ci: Add test stage, reusing the build one
          tests: Sync tests with upstream python-dbusmock
    Matthew Leeds (1):
          Check GDBusMessage for INTERACTIVE_AUTHORIZATION flag
    Maya Rashish (1):
          Conditionalize more use of shadow.h
    Mejans (1):
          Update oc.po
    Michael Catanzaro (8):
          daemon: Fix error check in save_autologin()
          user: fix indentation error
          user: fix double-unref of GDBusMethodInvocation throughout
          user: Don't overwrite entire GECOS field when setting full name
          user: reject requests to change full name to something including a comma
          Never delete the root filesystem when removing users
          Remove user heuristics
          user-classify: Add git to username blacklist
    Philip Withnall (9):
          build: Expose chosen path_wtmp value as a variable
          data: Tighten up systemd sandboxing of accounts-daemon.service
          libaccountsservice: Expand documentation of ActUser:language
          act-user: Use G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE to declare ActUser
          main: Don’t print translation header with `--help`
          user: Remove user from extra_admin_groups when demoting them from admin
          util: Split out helper method for getting admin group IDs
          act-user-manager: Fix incorrect return types in some finish() functions
          act-user-manager: Fix various refcounting bugs
    Piotr Drąg (1):
          Add .service file to POTFILES.skip
    Rafael Fontenelle (1):
          Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
    Ray Strode (8):
          daemon: ensure cache files for system users are processed
          data: don't send change updates for login-history
          user: Introduce user templates for setting default session etc
          daemon: Allow SystemAccount=false to be set in cache file
          main: Allow cache files to be marked immutable
          meson: Determine project version from date
          NEWS: Drop NEWS file
          NEWS: Drop file completely
    Rico Tzschichholz (2):
          Fix g-i annotation of act_user_get_password_expiration_policy
          Add support to build vala bindings
    Robert Ancell (5):
          Stop ignoring autotools generated files
          act-user-manager: Make a private function static
          daemon: Write GDM custom.conf file if it doesn't exist
          build: Bump minimum version of meson required
          act-user-manager: Remove ConsoleKit support
    Sebastien Bacher (1):
          daemon: Don't try to add admin users to non existing groups
    Simon McVittie (1):
          build: Add missing pkg-config Requires.private dependencies
    Soapux (1):
          Move D-Bus conf file to $(datadir)/dbus-1/system.d
    Yaron Shahrabani (1):
          Replace empty he.po with an actual translation
    Yuri Chornoivan (1):
          Update Ukrainian translation
    dengbo (1):
          po: update zh_CN.po
    libre ajans (1):
          Update tr.po
    orcno (1):
          util: Get uid when needed
    zhuyaliang (2):
          daemon: Remove duplicate "changed" signal emission
          Use timestamps instead of (expiration time and last change time)days
  • 0.6.55
    6d6f7d62 · meson: bump to 0.6.55 ·
    * Memory leak fix
    * improved heuristics for identifying user session
    * Export interfaces directory to pkgconfig
    * Lock down state directory from prying eyes to be more friendly to
      accountsservice extensions that require privacy.
    * misc fixes
    * Translation updateso
  • 0.6.54
    708d87f3 · meson: bump to 0.6.54 ·
    * Fix user state dirs
  • 0.6.53
    95f65400 · meson: bump to 0.6.53 ·
    * Fix introspection
  • 0.6.52
    * migrate to meson and gettext (instead of autogoo and intltool)
    * add code of conduct
    * Add new session and session type properties (to replace XSession)
    * Try to handle misbehaving logind a little better
    * misc mixes and code modernization
    * Add new "Saved" property to say whether a cached user is stored on
  • 0.6.50
    f49ca647 · configure: bump to 0.6.50 ·
    * Fix insufficient path check on user icon files
    * Fix is-logged-in status for wayland sessions
    * Fix user enumeration when system accounts are mixed in
  • 0.6.49
    d8585534 · configure: bump to 0.6.49 ·
    * Fix crash on startup from previous compiler warning fix
  • 0.6.48
    8f9445d2 · configure: bump to 0.6.48 ·
    * Fix crash when adding admin user
    * Fix crash when user is removed
    * performance improvements handling really large wtmp files
    * compiler warning fix
  • 0.6.47
    883b9101 · configure: bump to 0.6.47 ·
    Changes in 0.6.47
    * Fix problem where libaccountsservice users weren't getting
      property change updates
    * Reduce memory usage of cached users in daemon process
    * Drop premature user-added/user-removed signals that
      erroneously get emitted before ListCachedUsers call finishes.
  • 0.6.46
    27fbd252 · configure: bump to 0.6.46 ·
    * Fix systemd unit file to use default standard output
    * performance improvements
    * leak fixes
    * crash fixes
    * support extra groups for admin users
    * add policy that allows admins to allow users to change their own password
    * introspection fixes
    * elogind support
    * decruftification of username blacklist
    * Translation updates
  • 0.6.45
    db223bc4 · configure: bump to 0.6.45 ·
    Changes in 0.6.45
    * wrap password expiration info in libaccountsservice api
  • 0.6.44
    5b9eb5ef · configure: bump to 0.6.44 ·
    Changes in 0.6.44
    * export password expiration info from shadow file
    * fix user classification logic
    * don't lose track of users when /etc/passwd is reloaded
  • 0.6.43
    7cd56b1e · configure: bump to 0.6.43 ·
    Changes in 0.6.43
    * Fix logout times in login-history
    * increase performance in large deployments
    * memory leak fix
    * exclude nologin users from user list
  • 0.6.42
    a671342d · configure: bump to 0.6.42 ·
    Changes in 0.6.42
    * wtmp fixes on solaris
    * allow a user to change his own data even if he's remote
    * add way to set password hint independent of password
    * conform to modern systemd library naming scheme
    * disable GVFS support in service, since it's not needed and has bad side effects
  • 0.6.40
    ad6c640f · configure: bump to 0.6.40 ·
    Changes in 0.6.40
    * Support large UIDs better
    * don't require X11 display to fetch user with X11 session
    * ensure accountsservice doesn't start before NSS works
  • 0.6.39
    915086ea · configure: bump to 0.6.39 ·
    Changes in 0.6.39
    * Fix ListCachedUsers race at startup
    * Add new api for uncaching user
    * Fix memory corruption bug
    * Build goo changes
  • 0.6.38
    c87d2fd6 · Release version 0.6.38 ·
    Changes in 0.6.38
    * Fix polkit policy for non-desktop cases
    * Fix for a race when new user appears
    * Some clearer log and debug messages