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    rtpsession: Always keep at least one NACK on early RTCP · 947a37f3
    Nicolas Dufresne authored
    We recently added code to remove outdate NACK to avoid using bandwidth
    for packet that have no chance of arriving on time. Though, this had a
    side effect, which is that it was to get an early RTCP packet with no
    feedback into it. This was pretty useless but also had a side effect,
    which is that the RTX RTT value would never be updated. So we we stared
    having late RTX request due to high RTT, we'd never manage to recover.
    This fixes the regression by making sure we keep at least one NACK in
    this situation. This is really light on the bandwidth and allow for
    quick recover after the RTT have spiked higher then the jitterbuffer
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