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......@@ -37,3 +37,19 @@ Requirements:
* Experience in DSP/signal filtering (e.g. kalman) for the complete solution would be a bonus
Difficulty: medium to hard
# Frame Timing Tools
In VR, stutters, judders and jitters in rendering are a much bigger deal than on desktop monitors. Instead of being just annoying, they can cause disorientation, and even motion sickness.
Most importantly the VR runtime must push frames to the VR hardware at the native hardware refresh rate.
To that end it must keep track of the frames submitted by client applications, reproject old frames if the client application missed an interval, and push the frames to the VR hardware while sharing GPU hardware resources with the client application. Such a system benefits greatly from good visual frame timing tools.
A good frame timing tool would gather timing information from both the frames submitted by the client application and the frames submitted by the compositor to the hardware and relate them in a visual way. The visualization could be either done with an existing visualization tool like Perfetto, but it could also be a custom built UI for Monado.
* A system gathering frame timing information from client applications and the runtime compositor and relating them to each other
* Basic C
* Experience with graphics programming (Vulkan) would be helpful
Difficulty: medium
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