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Draft: Quick suspend/resume

Quick suspend/resume

Adds a feature flag --test-quick-suspend-resume which skips the traditional suspend/resume cycle and synchronizes ModemManager with the internal state of always-powered modems with a suspended host.

As discussed in #321 (closed), the synchronization syncs the following parts:

  • Signal strength
  • Access technologies
  • Registration state
  • Network time
  • SIM lock status
  • Full SIM swap
  • Operator name
  • Roaming state
  • Network and cell IDs
  • EPS bearer
  • Mobile data connection

without affecting the resume time when a call or text is received when the host is suspended.

Fixed issues

  • Fixes #321 (closed): Quick resume/suspend
  • Fixes #194: Delayed modem detection after resume Quectel EG25 PinePhone
Edited by Aleksander Morgado

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