Commit 15543794 authored by Aleksander Morgado's avatar Aleksander Morgado

filter: 'strict' is the new default

The 'strict' filter policy is less invasive, as it will not touch TTYs
unless there are clear indications that it may be a modem. Under this
mode, the ModemManager-provided blacklist database is not used.
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......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
static gboolean help_flag;
static gboolean version_flag;
static gboolean debug;
static MMFilterRule filter_policy = MM_FILTER_POLICY_LEGACY;
static MMFilterRule filter_policy = MM_FILTER_POLICY_STRICT;
static gboolean no_auto_scan = NO_AUTO_SCAN_DEFAULT;
static const gchar *initial_kernel_events;
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