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    piglit-dispatch: Code generation scripts. · 6fe17bb7
    Paul Berry authored
    This patch contains the code generation scripts that convert the files
    gl.spec, gl.tm, and enumext.spec into C code, as well as the CMake
    directives to run the scripts.
    Code generation occurs in two phases: first the script
    glapi/parse_glspec.py converts the .spec and .tm files into an
    intermediate JSON format, which is stored in glapi/glapi.json.  Then,
    the script tests/util/gen_dispatch.py converts the JSON file into two
    files, tests/util/generated_dispatch.c and
    There are two motivations for breaking code generation into two phases:
    (1) there are other code generation tasks we may add in the future
    (e.g. generating the tests/util/piglit-util-enum.c file), and it would
    be nice not to have to rewrite any parsing code when we do so.  (2) if
    the GL consortium ever decides to change the format of gl.spec, gl.tm,
    and enumext.spec, then we only have to change parse_glspec.py.
    These code generation scripts can be run by invoking "make
    piglit_dispatch_gen" from the toplevel source directory.
    v2: Add clarifying comments, remove a bogus "print" statement, and
    raise an exception if an unrecognized multiplicity is encountered.
    Also, handle "reference" multiplicity.
    v3: Add APIENTRY to stub functions.  Rename "near" and "far" to avoid
    problems on MSVC.  Get rid of "__" in function names.  Rename
    initialize_dispatch_pointers => reset_dispatch_pointers.  Add
    gl_10x_version parameter to get_core_proc().  Output generated code
    relative to CMAKE_BINARY_DIR so that it won't pollute source
    directories when building out of tree.  Add .gitignore so that
    generated files are ignored when building in tree.  Add GL_VERSION_*
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