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glsl-1.50,tess: Test passing maximum count of varyings between stages

Danylo Piliaiev requested to merge Danil/piglit:tests/gl-3.2/max-varyings into master


  • vs -> fs
  • vs -> tcs
  • vs -> tes
  • vs -> gs
  • gs -> fs
  • tcs -> tes
  • tcs -> tes (patches)
  • tes -> gs
  • tes -> fs

There are tests with similar intention in VK-GL-CTS:


And in piglit:

  • glsl-max-varyings tests vs -> fs
  • max-input-components.shader_test test vs -> gs

However, they are a bit more complex than strictly necessary to test the limits. Which, e.g. on freedreno, leads to a register allocation failure with some of them.

It is still a kind of duplication, however I found this useful to test the limits on freedreno. And I thought that it's better to post them than not.

All tests are passing on radeonsi and llvmpipe.
All tests, but tcs-tes-max-in-out-components (hangs), are passing on freedreno.

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