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glsl: Test out-of-bounds access to various types of arrays

Danylo Piliaiev requested to merge GL/piglit:test/array-oob-access into main

glsl-1.30: Test out-of-bounds access to gl_ClipDistance" reproduces the crash which could be reproduced only in drivers which have LowerCombinedClipCullDistance = true, and is fixed in mesa!6363 (merged) glsl: Eliminate out-of-bounds triop_vector_insert.

arb_tessellation_shader: Test out-of-bounds access to gl_TessLevel* reproduces the crash in iris/i965 (other drivers may not crash).

arb_gpu_shader5: Test out-of-bounds access to gl_SampleMaskIn doesn't cause any issues.

glsl-1.30: Test out-of-bounds access to large local array reproduces the crash in nir_opt_large_constants

glsl: Test out-of-bounds access to array of opaque types reproduces crash in lower_samplers. OOB access to arrays of opaque types are a bit less defined, however I think that there should be crashes or hang when we use the instance of opaque type which was returned on out-of-bounds access. The tests with atomics and images do pass with additional fixes to Mesa.

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