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    framework/replay: split dump_trace_images in backends · 79f6e056
    Andres Gomez authored
    This will allow writing new backends more easily and, additionally,
    move the testtrace backend out from the framework so it is only used
    for actual testing.
      - Correct several typos in the apitrace backend.
      - Correct comments in the package file.
      - Added init check to the backends.
      - Deal with exceptions from the backends in compare_replay.
      - Deal with possible exceptions in query_traces_yaml.
      - Do not default to "[]" for calls in the abstract class but do the
        default initialization in the instance code (Dylan).
      - Do not use "len()" to check for containers emptiness (Dylan).
      - Do not use yoda style comparisons (Dylan).
      - Use "format()" to improve text messages readability (Dylan).
      - Combine exceptions detection in compare_replay (Dylan).
      - Let AttributeError raise all the way up (Dylan).
      - Stop using filter and lambda (Dylan).
      - Use always "-1" in the gfxreconstruct backend when checking for
        the last frame call returns a negative value.
      - Make DumpBackend.dump() an abstractmethod by moving its code to
        the dump_handler decorator, with the rest of the
        logging (Alexandros).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAndres Gomez <>
    Reviewed-by: Dylan Baker <> [v3]
    Part-of: <>