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Etnaviv: Fold in etnaviv libdrm parts

Guido Günther requested to merge agx/mesa:etnaviv-fold-in-libdrm into master

Lucas suggested to fold the etnaviv part of libdrm into mesa as preparation for softpin. So here we go. I've been using this code quite a while now and just polished it a bit for submission.

These changes were done over libdrm as of 922d9299

  • Use mesa's ARRAY_SIZE
  • Use mesa's atomic definitions
  • Use mesa's os_map instead of drm_map
  • Drop drm_{public,private}
  • Renames
    • Rename table_lock to etna_drm_table_lock to avoid a conflict with freedreno's table_lock.
    • Rename bo_del to _etna_drm_bo_del to avoid a conflict with freedreno's bo_del

Tested on i.MX8MQ with

meson -Dglx=auto -Dplatforms=drm,surfaceless,wayland,x11 --buildtype=debug -Dgallium-drivers=kmsro,etnaviv,freedreno -Ddri-drivers= -Dvulkan-drivers=  _build
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