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radeonsi: add expected results files + test runner script

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer requested to merge pepp/mesa:radeonsi_test_files into main

This MR aims to ease radeonsi testing by including a script and a set of expected results for each test (only for the RX 5700 now, but more could be added to cover other GPUs)

The script itself uses deqp-runner/piglit-runner and is usable like this:

$ $PATH_A/piglit $PATH_B/glcts $PATH_C/deqp rx5700 /tmp

Each test suite will print their usual statistics lines, like:

Pass: 20694, Crash: 2, ExpectedFail: 74, Skip: 2041, Flake: 1, Duration: 3:15, Remaining: 0

to help detect regressions.

This MR is RFC because we have similar expected results/scripts in Mesa, but only ones that are enforced by CI. Here these results won't be enforced by an automatic system, but I believe that having them in-tree makes testing easier.


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