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WIP: nir: add a vectorization pass

Faith Ekstrand requested to merge gfxstrand/mesa:review/nir-vectorize into master

This effectively does the opposite of nir_lower_alus_to_scalar, trying to combine per-component ALU operations with the same sources but different swizzles into one larger ALU operation. It uses a similar model as CSE, where we do a depth-first approach and keep around a hash set of instructions to be combined, but there are a few major differences:

  1. For now, we only support entirely per-component ALU operations.
  2. Since it's not always guaranteed that we'll be able to combine equivalent instructions, we keep a stack of equivalent instructions around, trying to combine new instructions with instructions on the stack.

The pass isn't comprehensive by far; it can't handle operations where some of the sources are per-component and others aren't, and it can't handle phi nodes. But it should handle the more common cases, and it should be reasonably efficient.

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