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d3d12: Fix RuneScape

Jesse Natalie requested to merge jenatali/mesa:runescape into master

There were 3 issues here:

  1. A multithreading/multicontext issue, which was likely racey, where the descriptor pools had the wrong lifetime. This was already known and tracked via #3812 (closed) for a different app.
  2. New-style comparison filtering returns a single component, instead of 4 components. The lowering converts it to txl (which is always 4 components), pulls off the red, then re-converts it to a vector of the original size - except it assumed the original size was always 4. Simple fix.
  3. Fix for the patch that I just put in where I was checking the wrong pointer. Should've waited and sent it along with this series anyway.

Putting all 3 together, RuneScape can at least get to the menu and perform its graphics test for detecting settings, which should be sufficient to run, but I don't have an account to validate the actual in-game content 😅.

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