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ci/deqp: Upgrade the runner, enable junit output.

Emma Anholt requested to merge anholt/mesa:ci-deqp-junit into master
    ci/deqp: Upgrade the runner, enable junit output.
    I moved QPA-to-XML conversion to the runner, so Mesa CI (and developers!)
    don't need to do quite so much in bash.  I also made it clean up caselist
    .qpa files since nobody ever wants them and we deleted them anyway.  This
    cleans up a ton of the job log output.
    Additionally, I added a subcommend to turn the .csv into a junit output
    that we can expose to gitlab.  Now, the pipeline's status page will report
    the failed testcases, and the "detail" button will give you a link to the
    .XML to view for the failure.  (We don't report all testcases because it's
    too much load for the gitlab server).  Note that this will 404 for the
    LAVA runners for now, as they don't retain artifacts in gitlab (the plan
    is to eventually have them minio upload the artifacts).
    This uprev also includes a deqp output parsing fix, resulting in us
    catching a couple more failures in some drivers.

Tagging driver projects impacted by the parsing fail. My apologies!

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