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20.3: radeonsi: fix small primitive culling with MSAA force-disabled and smoothing

Marek Olšák requested to merge mareko/mesa:for-20.3-cull-fix into staging/20.3

(backport to 20.3) @dbaker

The problem was that the shader constants were based on the framebuffer sample count and ignored the multisample enable state and the line/polygon smoothing state, which uses MSAA rasterization that only sets SampleMaskIn to get the coverage for alpha-blended smoothing (the PS epilog computes the alpha channel from SampleMaskIn and blending generates the AA results).

  • This is a complete rework that adds a new state for NGG cull constants.
  • It fixes the same thing for the prim discard compute shader.
  • It documents how VS_STATE.SMALL_PRIM_PRECISION is encoded.

It fixes blue corruption in Unigine Heaven with MSAA and Medium details or better.

Fixes: 7648060d - radeonsi: enable NGG culling by default on gfx10.3 dGPUs

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