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WIP: Baseline feature cleanup after classic driver removal

Adam Jackson requested to merge ajax/mesa:drop-non-gles2-drivers into main

Pre-ES2/DX9 hardware is by now too old to want to care about, i915g exists, crocus should get finished. We can keep them alive in a LTS branch of 20.3 or something, but this MR tries to show what we'd win by removing them from devel. Definitely not ready to merge yet, just wanted to put it on peoples' radars.

Prerequisites for this to land:

  • Delete classic osmesa, !1243 (merged)
  • Delete classic xlib, !7464 (closed)
  • Handle any regressions from i915c to i915g
  • Finish crocus
  • Handle intel gen2 driver rename !10554 (merged)
  • Teach xserver and ddxes a new glvnd vendor name for dx7-8 driver LTS branch
  • Teach LTS branch how to build legacy drivers only !10557 (merged)
  • (Optional) Get softpipe performance reasonably close to swrastc
  • Figure out what to do with nv30
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