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glcpp: Handle bison-3.6 error message changes

Matt Turner requested to merge mattst88/mesa:bison-glcpp-test into master

In bison's commit 72c9fa4510eb (skeletons: use "end of file" instead of "end") in bison-3.6, 'end' was changed to 'end of file' in error messages. Since our glcpp test cases contain the expected output text, they rely on the particular messages printed by bison. The test case 084-unbalanced-parentheses fails when Mesa is built with bison-3.6 due to this change.

If we simply changed '$end' -> 'end of file' in the .expected file, the test case would then fail with earlier versions of bison, so instead just normalize the .expected result by doing the replacement in the Python test runner.

Cc: mesa-stable Closes: #3181 (closed)

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