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ci: uprev deqp to vulkan-cts-, fix freedreno a307 kernel regression and restore networking

Emma Anholt requested to merge anholt/mesa:ci-deqp-uprev into master
    ci: Bump deqp to current vulkan-cts-1.2.4
    I want the new version to show the fix in the fd-largeconsts branch (and
    make sure the pass keeps working, and make sure other drivers get around
    to fixing the issue).  While I'm here, cherry-pick in the VK test along
    with the GLES one, and also the fix for clip_three on ARMs.
    Since the VK and GL test lists were changing, I took the opportunity to
    reset freedreno xfails lists to just the tests that are being run with the
    CTS uprev, and increase its coverage to 1/15th of the CTS across two
    boards (since we just freed up a bunch of runtime with the grouped gles
    "other" job).
    For panfrost, I didn't spend the time characterizing the t720 fragment_ops
    flakes like I did for the deqp-runner change.  Given that the random
    behavior changes between CTS versions, it doesn't seem to be worth the
    time to do so.
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