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iris: Implement ARB_indirect_parameters

Illia Iorin requested to merge GL/mesa:feature/369/indr_param_iris into master

iris_draw_vbo is divided into two functions to remove unnecessary operations from the loop. This implementation of ARB_indirect_parameters takes into account NV_conditional_render by saving MI_PREDICATE_RESULT at the start of a draw call and restoring it at the end also the result of NV_conditional_render is taken into account when computing predicates that limit draw calls for ARB_indirect_parameters in a similar way to 1952fd8d in ANV.

Signed-off-by: Illia Iorin

CC: @kwg

CI report:
All gen9_iris failed tests or fail on master or pass on my gen9 pc.

Edited by Illia Iorin

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