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nv50_2d: regenerate envytools-based rnndb headers

Rhys Kidd requested to merge rhyskidd/mesa:fix/doc/nv50_2d-sync-envytools into master

The headers hadn't been regenerated from envytools in a long time, and there were a few minor divergences.

Based on envytools commit c20929ed0f3be18b8419f7332ee22d905feb6589

Among other things, rnndb has changed naming to G80/etc, for now I've not tackled switching that over and replaced the nvidia codenames back to the chip ids that mesa uses with the following:

  $ sed -i 's/G80_2D/NV50_2D/g' rnndb/graph/g80_2d.xml.h
  $ sed -i 's/GF100_2D/NVC0_2D/g' rnndb/graph/g80_2d.xml.h

No other modifications of the headergen'd headers was done, which was helped by the differing #define's being unutilised presently.

Signed-off-by: Rhys Kidd

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