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v3d/compiler: Fix sorting the gs and fs inputs

Neil Roberts requested to merge nroberts/mesa:v3d/fix-input-order into master

ntq_setup_fs_inputs and ntq_setup_gs_inputs sort the inputs according to the driver location. This input array is then used to calculate the VPM offset for the outputs in the previous stage. However, it wasn’t taking into account variables that are packed into a single varying slot. In that case they would have the same driver_location and are distinguished by location_frac.

This patch makes it additionally sort by location_frac when the driver locations are equal. This can happen when the compiler packs varyings that are sized less than vec4. Without this fix, when the VPM is used to transmit data free-form between the stages (such as VS->GS) then it would end up writing to inconsistent locations.

Fixes dEQP tests such as: dEQP-GLES31.functional.primitive_bounding_box.lines.global_state. vertex_geometry_fragment.default_framebuffer_bbox_equal

Fixes: 5d578c27 ("v3d: add initial compiler plumbing for geometry shaders")

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