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intel-rt: allow to build it on non-x86 platforms

Vladimir Smirnov requested to merge Civiloid/mesa:build-i915-on-arm into main

What does this MR do and why?

I was recently experimenting with Intel Arc 750 on an ARM Platform (Ampere Altra board) and it seemed to me that disallowing intel-rt from being built on aarch64 seems to be excessive.

Intel-rt builds just fine, and runs to some extent. It is extremely slow right now and causes the card to lock up periodically (Q2RTX runs with 1 frame per 2 minutes) or crashes the kernel (some RayTracing benchmarks I found on the internet). Still, I think that this behaviour is expected for the Xe driver on Arc cards right now.

I've filed bugs against xe kernel repo for all the problems I've encountered (and there are also some screenshots there for those who are interested):

intel-rt: allow to build it on non-x86 platforms

With the current state of Xe driver, intel-rt actually compiles on aarch64
and can even run for a short while (on my test system, after few minutes
in Q2RTX, kernel driver locked up). It seems to me, there is no real need
to forbid compiling intel-rt on other 64-bit architectures, but as
discussed in the MR comments, I'll add just aarch64 as the system that I
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