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RFC: radeonsi, frontends/va: do not set PIPE_FLUSH_ASYNC when there are external handles

Chia-I Wu requested to merge olv/mesa:gallium-va-external into main

What does this MR do and why?

We are exploring

  1. vaEndPicture,
  2. vaExportSurfaceHandle, and

sequence for explicit fencing. Assuming vaEndPicture is similar to glFlush for synchronizations, when there are external handles, vaEndPicture should flush without PIPE_FLUSH_ASYNC like what glFlush does.

Without this MR, step (3) can return a stub (signaled) fence if it happens before the async amdgpu_cs_submit_ib call.

For the same reason, it seems vaapi buffer sharing with another process can have sync issues on radeonsi. I didn't verify this though.

/cc @mareko, @robclark

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