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ac,radeonsi: many improvements around the whole driver, some perf improvements

Marek Olšák requested to merge mareko/mesa:si-general-clear-blit-improv into main

Some interesting stuff here:

  • Enable DCC fast clear for 8bpp and 16bpp on GFX11
  • New fast clear method for GFX11: DCC clear-to-single (based on RADV)
  • Gfx blits preserve NaNs
  • Disable VRS 2x2 for flat shading when it decreases performance of slow gfx clears
  • Skip no-op CB and DB cache flushes
  • Many cosmetic changes around blits and clears.

The NIR commit is from !28606 (merged).

This is a prerequisite for the future compute blit.

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