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Draft: Intel Xe2 Compression

jxzgithub requested to merge jxzgithub/mesa:xe2-compression-upstream into main

This MR has the most of enabling work on render compression on Intel's Xe2 platforms. So far, it is still not ready to merge and even be test on upstream mesa because of these reasons:

  1. changes in devinfo are not submitted yet.
  2. Some known issues in rendering and compliance tests to iron out.
  3. MCS part has been split out !28919

NOTE: The change of 20bd1059, 3d4e18a3 and 2cf0b13c should be picked from !28833. I added them into this MR so that the further patches can be included as well.

CC: @nchery, @jljusten, @zehortigoza, @shadeslayer, @llandwerlin ,@sagarghuge

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