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freedreno/ci: Skip unsupported legacy gl stuff and add nightly jobs

Rob Clark requested to merge robclark/mesa:fd/expectations into main

Don't bother even trying to test legacy gl features that the hw does not support and cannot be emulated (or at least not reasonably).

Some of this could in theory be emulated with GS shader on a6xx+, at the cost of extra draw time overhead. But unless someone shows up with a real world need for these features (ie. something other than piglit/cts) I don't think we should penalize every other gl app with the extra overhead. If you want a slow-but-implements-gl-rusty-sharp-edges driver, zink already exists to fill that niche. (And if someone does find some app that needs these features, the right answer is probably driconf to trigger a transparent fallback to zink.)

TODO possibly there are other piglit tests that use edgeflags or stipple that should be added?

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