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treewide: Replace the usage of DEBUG macro with MESA_DEBUG=0|1 macro

Yonggang Luo requested to merge lygstate/mesa:mesa_DEBUG into main

this is a rework of !21946 (closed), by using vscode find&replace along with the following folders are excluded:


The following changes are done by find&replace and verified manually

  • treewide: Replace #ifndef DEBUG with #if !MESA_DEBUG

  • treewide: Replace defined(DEBUG) with MESA_DEBUG

  • treewide: Replace #ifdef DEBUG with #if MESA_DEBUG

  • nine: Switch "#if defined(DEBUG) || !defined(NDEBUG)" to "#if MESA_DEBUG_ANY"

Other changes are manually modifed

No sure if this MR Closes #4965 (closed)

Edited by Yonggang Luo

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