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Draft: [wip] [wip]: gfxstream in Mesa

Gurchetan Singh requested to merge gurchetansingh/mesa:mesa-gfxstream into main

This adds the gfxstream vk virtualization solution to Mesa.

It should build just like any another vulkan drivers, via -Dvulkan-drivers=gfxstream-experimental. The gfxstream backend code does AEMU base dependency (packaged in Fedora, BTW), and directions of how to acquire it are here:



Very rough, maybe we'll want a history preserving method

Technical overview:

Graphics Streaming Kit is a code generator that makes it easier to serialize and forward graphics API calls from one place to another.

  • 1:1 threading model - each guest Vulkan encoder thread gets host side decoding thread
  • Support for both virtio-gpu, goldish and testing transports.
  • Support for Android, Fuchsia, and Linux guests.
  • Ring Buffer to stream commands, in the style of io_uring.
  • Currently, there are a set of Mesa objects and gfxstream objects. For example, struct gfxstream_vk_device and the gfxstream object goldfish_device both are internal representations of Vulkan opaque handle VkDevice. The Mesa object is used first, since Mesa provides dispatch. The Mesa object contains a key to the hash table to get a gfxstream internal object (for example, gfxstream_vk_device::internal_object). Eventually, gfxstream objects will be phased out and Mesa objects used exclusively.
  • Codegen is done in the codgen directory. It adds another generator to Vulkan-Docs generator, and our goal has been to upstream it eventually.
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