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freedreno/afuc: Misc updates

Connor Abbott requested to merge cwabbott0/mesa:review/afuc-update into main

This MR:

  • Finishes (for now) figuring out what the unknown flags for cread/cwrite/load/store do, and comes up with syntax to describe them. Now there is no more mysterious , 0x0 after each instruction and preincrement isn't specified with a mysterious , 0x4. Exactly how (sdsN) works isn't too well understood, but it's only used in exactly one place in most firmwares so it isn't too important to nail down.
    • As part of this, we add a whole new register space, and implement the stack "properly" using it. We can now trace how the preemption routine saves/restores the stack.
  • Adds trivial registers for a7xx copied from a6xx, and a few new draw-state-related registers added from investigating (sdsN).
  • Adds some documentation updates for a7xx
  • Fixes generation autodetection for a7xx

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