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d3d12/va: Implement several optional video features

This MR adds several optional VA features to pipe_video_* and to frontend/va and then implements them in the D3D12 gallium driver.

  • Intra-refresh
  • VUI header writing
  • Plumbs some missing codec seq/pic params
  • Support multiple VACodedBufferSegment with separate NALU and output metadata
  • Support VAEncMiscParameterMaxSliceSize

In addition to these, fixes some bugs and also adds new meson build codec flags to proper disable building of vp9 and av1 too.

Part of the reason for some of these changes is also staging new features for adding a new frontend, for Windows Media Foundation Transforms (MFT) that we can contribute in the future if upstream is interested.

Edited by Sil Vilerino

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