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anv: Override vendorID for Diablo IV

Casey Bowman requested to merge cgbowman/mesa:fix-diablo-iv-xess into main

What does this MR do and why?

Diablo IV is crashing while looking for the related XeSS .dlls, based on the FenrisDebug.txt output:

I 2023.10.30 22:53:54.014425    [Game] [Prism] XeSS supported, initializing for Intel family Gen12 (13)
I 2023.10.30 22:53:54.020250    [Crash] Thread 'MainThread' handling fatal error
I 2023.10.30 22:53:54.021848    [Crash] UnhandledExceptionFilter
I 2023.10.30 22:53:54.021926    [Crash] Crashed thread: 'MainThread' (0x130)

This MR fixes the issue temporarily as other MRs have by overriding the vendorID to not appear as intel, thus not entering the executable's flow to initialize XeSS.

anv: Override vendorID for Diablo IV

Another case of a game assuming XeSS is available since an Intel ARC GPU is discovered by the game's executable binary.

With this, a warning will appear that GPU is unstable/not supported, but a warning is preferable over the game crashing.

No other issues observed upon starting & playing the game.

Signed-off-by: Casey Bowman

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