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ci: move device definition into farm-devices.yml

David Heidelberg requested to merge dh/mesa:farm-devices.yml into main

Prequisite: People usually do not touch the hardware definition, unless new hardware is added or removed.

Idea behind this:

When we want run a test, we shouldn't care on which hardware. The hardware is separate from the test setting.

Developers often mix job (test) definition with hardware definition, which makes working with CI a bit harder, since we cannot expect each "hardware definition" to behave same way, since some extra variables are set.

This MR aims to clearly separate which is hardware definition (what is needed to operate hardware) and which is the job definition.

  • Exception from strict hardware <-> software separation I did is adding VK_DRIVER since I don't know case, when there are two Vulkan drivers available for one GPU.
  • Collabora LAVA devices has prepended links to the LAVA web UI, where you can see utilization and number of devices available (useful for checking, when you have feeling it blocks your MR)
Side effects:

Just briefly looking at adjusted structures of includes, I assume this MR will allow simplification, since some structures doesn't make sense anymore and brings duplication into bright light.

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