venus: use more common vk for AHB

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What does this MR do and why?

venus: use more common vk for AHB

Related: venus common ANB adoption is here: !25185 (merged), !25262 (merged)

Commit summary:

  • The dependency common Vulkan/Android bits have been extracted to !25263 (merged)
  • The rest commits adopt common Android helpers around AHB and adopt common vk_image and vk_device_memory as object bases, which allows venus to use common AHB export alloc tracking and reuse common AHB export impl.

What's changed:

  • vn_android_ahb_format_from_vk_format -> vk_image_format_to_ahb_format
  • vn_android_get_ahb_usage -> vk_image_usage_to_ahb_usage
  • vn_android_device_allocate_ahb -> vk_alloc_ahardware_buffer in vk_device_memory_create
  • vn_GetMemoryAndroidHardwareBufferANDROID -> common vk


  • dEQP-VK.api.external.memory.android_hardware_buffer.*
  • android.hardware.nativehardware.cts.AHardwareBufferNativeTests with ANGLE on Venus
  • with ANGLE on Venus

Follow up:

  • leverage common vk_image tracked bits and drop redundant tracking from vn_image (re-do venus image creation code paths)
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