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ci: use @zmike's multithreaded runner for vkd3d

Eric Engestrom requested to merge eric/mesa:ci-vkd3d-multithreaded into main


the test suite here is a bit minimal and runs itself synchronously, which is problematic for cases where:

  • test runs itself for any amount of time
  • test crashes

in the former case, all 511 other threads of the user's powerful supercomputer are sitting idle instead of being put to work

in the latter case, the entire test process stops and no further test results can be gathered without either starting a new run that filters out the crashing test(s) or fixing the crash

this test runner solves both issues by running one test case per cpu and then tracking the failures such that all cores are always in use and any crashes don't affect the rest of the tests

Suggested-by: @zmike

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