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Draft: wsi: use vk runtime for `VkSurface` (fixes crash)

Antonino Maniscalco requested to merge antonino/mesa:wsi_useruntime2 into main

WSI has so far not used vk_object_base from the vulkan runtime for VkSurface.

This causes undefined behavior when an application passes a VkSurface object to vkSetDebugUtilsObjectNameEXT because the code to handle it will cast it to the vulkan base object.

Some games from the the Serious Sam series are affected.

This changes wraps the internal wsi object in a struct that derives from the vulkan base object so that vkSetDebugUtilsObjectNameEXT works correctly with it.

Backends other than x11 still need to be modified but I'd like some feedback on whether my approach can work first.

fixes: #9452 (closed)

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