nvk: Add support for single-plane YUV formats

What does this MR do and why?

This MR adds support for single-plane YUV formats (YUYV, UVYV) for NVK. This is done by first adding a Vulkan compatible version of these formats in PIPE_FORMAT, mapping between the Vk formats and the PIPE_FORMATs in vk_format.c, and finally mapping between that and the internal NVIDIA hardware formats.

CTS run of dEQP-Vk.ycbcr.conversion.*:

Test run totals:
  Passed:        2024/11088 (18.3%)
  Failed:        0/11088 (0.0%)
  Not supported: 9064/11088 (81.7%)
  Warnings:      0/11088 (0.0%)
  Waived:        0/11088 (0.0%)
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