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freedreno/afuc: Convert to isaspec, initial a7xx support

Connor Abbott requested to merge cwabbott0/mesa:review/afuc-a7xx into main

For a7xx Qualcomm shuffled around many of the ALU opcodes in afuc and added a new compact encoding mode in order to add more ALU opcodes, which would've made support with the old hand-coded encoder/decoder difficult. Instead this MR switches afuc over to using isaspec, which makes adding a7xx support much easier. In order to do that I had to add a number of new features to isaspec:

  • "Absolute" branches as used by call instructions.
  • Understanding and different printing for labels of call instructions. This isn't strictly necessary but is a nice improvement when staring at assembly.
  • Support for naming "entrypoints" (used for naming packet routines).
  • A displayname hack to make writing ALU instruction and branch instruction definitions easier.
  • A way to go from binary to instruction struct, to replace the ad-hoc parsing done in the emulator. This is a bit rough but is good enough for afuc.

After switching over afuc, we then add a7xx support. This includes pipe registers and control registers I've RE'd so far.

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