treewide: Replace the usage of ALIGN align64 with align for consistence behavior

Yonggang Luo requested to merge lygstate/mesa:align_cleanup into main


The input/result parameter of ALIGN is uintptr_t, and people used it over uint32_t/uint64_t/size_t/uintptr_t with same function. This result the following inconsistence

  • on 32 bit system, call ALIGN over uint64_t parameter will TRUNC the input parameter
  • on 64 bit system, call ALIGN over uint32_t will return uint64_t and then TRUNC to uint32_t even though it's not hurt
  • call ALIGN over size/uintptr_t, but the ALIGN function name is generic, so people will worried because we have align and align64

Another issue with ALIGN is there is system headers predefined ALIGN macro and easy to be conflicted(such as FreeBSD, Haiku), remove it will cleanup these workarounds

To resolve this issues, do the following works:

  • util: Add align_size and align_uintptr and use it to replace ALIGN treewide when proper
  • treewide: Use align64 instead of ALIGN for 64 bit value parameter
  • treewide: Use align instead of ALIGN for 32 bit value parameter
  • util: Remove unused ALIGN function/macros and related fixes treewide
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