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anv EXT_attachment_feedback_loop_layout & EXT_attachment_feedback_loop_dynamic_state

This is another version of !17892 + EXT_attachment_feedback_loop_dynamic_state.

This MR doesn't disable compression at all, so everything stays pretty much the same as what it was when apps were using LAYOUT_GENERAL to achieve feedback loops.

It's not clear why we should be disabling compression and experiments show that disabling it is causing all kind of problems. In particular to make some uncompressed color/depth data visible, it appears we need to flush the data cache (#9160).

This MR also includes !23374 for the runtime bits of EXT_attachment_feedback_loop_dynamic_state.

There is one additional runtime change : vulkan/runtime: add helper to query attachment layout adding helpers to get the correct image layouts when the runtime adds barriers to FEEDBACK_LAYOUT.

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