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treewide: Replace the usage of PIPE_SHADER_* enum values with MESA_SHADER_* enum values and rename gl_shader_stage to mesa_shader_stage

Yonggang Luo requested to merge lygstate/mesa:use_mesa_shader_stage into main

As enum pipe_shader_type are getting more complicated after !23291 (merged)

This is a partial rework of !17760 Only did the rename and did not remove any redundant code. Just the pipe_shader_type are simplified and renamed to mesa_shader_stage.

The redundant code removal in !17760 can be redo based on this MR

NOTE: each commits can be compiled(tested locally) so we can merge the commits one by one

cc @airlied @mareko @jenatali @eric

Related to: #7356 #9040

Edited by Yonggang Luo

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