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WIP: Gen12: New CCS layout, HIZ_CCS, Modifiers

Nanley Chery requested to merge nchery/mesa:mr/gen12-ccs into master

Gen12 introduces a new layout for the CCS buffer as well as some new usages. This merge request implements some of the usages and is split into 3 sections:

  1. The new CCS layout. (merged, e655eed5)
  2. HiZ + CCS in iris. (merged, 7a619b5c)
  3. The TGL render compression modifiers and part of the media compression modifier in iris.


  • This MR relies on other MRs in flight. I've cherry-picked the smallest number of commits needed for building this MR at the beginning of sections 1 and 2. Once the commits in the other MRs have landed upstream, I'll drop them from this MR and be able to land the dependent sections.
  • Some commits in this MR will block other MRs, so I may land parts of it to keep things moving forward.
  • Bugfixes can be found at the beginning of sections 1-3 (but after the cherry-picks).
  • I plan to squash the "squash!" commits once they're reviewed.
  • The modifier patches haven't been retested with the latest kernel patches on the list:

FYI: @sagarghuge, @jljusten, @kwg, @rantogno, @jekstrand

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