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anv: move nir_shader_gather_info to anv_pipeline_nir_preprocess

Marcin Ślusarz requested to merge mslusarz/mesa:gather-fix into main

Commit 16c7c377 moved anv_pipeline_nir_preprocess out of anv_shader_stage_to_nir to a place after nir_shader_gather_info call (from anv_graphics_pipeline_load_nir).

anv_nir_lower_set_vtx_and_prim_count modifies outputs, and we need up-to-date output information in anv_apply_per_prim_attr_wa, so we have to move nir_shader_gather_info aswell.

Fixes dEQP-VK.mesh_shader.ext.misc.custom_attributes*.

Fixes: 16c7c377 ("anv: move preprocessing of NIR right before compilation")

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